hug the children in your life, and hug their teachers too


Like you, I was shattered by Friday’s events at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  I can hardly bring myself to write about what happened. The tragedy for that town, those children, those educators and their families is too great.

As the daughter of an elementary educator and a mother of a pre-school aged child, the horrific incident is my worst nightmare, two fold.

After two hours of typing, revising, deleting, moving paragraphs, and more editing, I came to an obvious conclusion:  There are no words in my vocabulary to express how I feel about the loss of twenty small children and the six adults who tried to shield them.

Without a doubt, hug the children in your life ever so tight, tell them how much you love them and treasure every single moment with them.

If you see their teachers, hug them too! Teachers are heroes. Think of the devoted teachers and principal at Sandy Hook Elementary School and know that any educator would do the same for their students.

Here’s why:

Five days a week, we teach your kids.
That means we educate your kids.
Play with your kids.
Discipline your kids.
Joke with your kids.
Console your kids.
Praise your kids.
Question your kids.
Beat our head against a wall about your kids.
Laugh with your kids.
Worry about your kids.
Keep an eye on your kids.
Learn about your kids.
Invest in your kids.
Protect your kids and yes, love your kids.


It’s nowhere in our job description.
It isn’t covered in the employee handbook.
It isn’t cited in our contracts.
But we would all do it.
So, yes, please hug your kids tonight, really, really tight.
But on Monday, if you see your kids’ teacher, please hug them too.


Mom, I LOVE you! Like Anne Marie Murphy, I know you would do anything to protect each and every one of your special education students. My heart is filled with love for the beautiful women who selflessly died trying to save their children. What you did was amazing. You’re truly each a hero.


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