Digital Glitter Tutorial for Photoshop

Looking for a way to add a glitter to your digital creations?It can be achieved in a few easy steps using Photoshop.

Don’ have it? You can download a free 30 day trial of Photoshop from Adobe. All keyboard shortcuts provided are for CS5 on a PC, they may vary slightly for other CS versions or Mac platform.

Adapted from the tutorial "ELEMENT: All That Glitters" By Shelleyrae Cusbert, 2009.
  1. Create a new document (CTRL + N) that measures 1200px by 1200px with a resolution of 300ppi.
  2. Fill the document (SHIFT + F5) with 50% gray.
  3.  Go to Filter> Texture> Grain. Select Sprinkles from the drop down menu and adjust the Intensity to 35 and Contrast to 50. Select OK to apply.screenshot_glitter3
  4. Go to Filter> Pixelate> Crystalize. Set the Cell size to 3.screenshot_glitter4
  5. Duplicate (CTRL + J) the layer and transform (CTRL + T) it by setting the rotation angle to 90 degrees.screenshot_glitter5
  6. Double click on the layer to edit the Layer Style. Change the layer blend to Multiply.
  7. Duplicate (CTRL + J) this layer, transform (CTRL + T) and rotate it 90 degrees.
  8. You should now have three layers. Merge these visible layers together (SHIFT + CTRL + E). This will become our basic layer style.
  9. Save (CTRL + S) it. Go to Edit> Define Pattern. Name the file.
  10. Create a new document (CTRL + N) of any size and add a new layer (SHIFT + CTRL + N).
  11. Select the custom shape tool (U) from the tools pallette.  screenshot_glitter11 (2)
  12. In the upper left area right under the top menu there are 3 options – Shape Layers, Paths and Fill Pixels. Make sure you have Fill Pixels selected. Pick a shape and drag it out on the layer.screenshot_glitter12
  13. Double click the layer where you made your shape to modify the Layer Style. Check Pattern Overlay and highlight it to bring up the box. Click the drop down for the pattern to browse and select the glitter style you just saved. It should be the last one shown in the grid.                                screenshot_glitter14You can adjust the scale of the pattern to your liking. Hold down your SHIFT + ALT keys as you drag to resize it. By doing this your proportions will be constrained and the shape will resize from its center. Release keys and mouse when satisfied. Do not hit OK.
  14. To color the glitter, check and highlight Color Overlay. Select a color by clicking on the color box. Use the color picker or enter the color correct values for your choice. Hit Ok. Depending on what shade you are using select either Multiply or Color as the blend modes. Pick the one that you like best.screenshot_glitter15
  15. If you like, you can also tweek the Hue and Saturation of your color. Go to the layers palette and create a new adjustment layer by clicking the fourth icon at the bottom.screenshot_glitter15aCreate a new adjustment layer and select Hue/Saturation. Move the sliders to your liking.screenshot_glitter15c
  16. Now go back to the Layer Style, by double clicking on the shape layer.
  17. Click on the New Style button. Name the style and make sure you check both “Include Layer Effects” and “Include Layer Blending Options” then click OK.screenshot_glitter16aYou just saved a copy of the style in your styles palette. Change the color and save it as a new style variations as above. Continue creating new styles as desired.
  18. Once you have created all of your styles, click Ok to close the box. Save the set. Go to the Styles palette and click the arrow in the right corner to open the fly-out menu. Select Save Styles. Name and save the set in your styles folder.screenshot_glitter16
  19. Your styles are now ready to be used whenever you need them. You can add the style to text, shapes, or brush strokes.

That’s it! Now…




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