covered in holiday glitter

Who isn’t captivated by that marvelous substance called glitter? Since the dawn of civilization, mankind has been using light-reflecting particles for special occasions. The modern-day world may have never known the dazzle of glitter if a New Jersey man had not discovered a mechanical production process in 1934.  Thank you, Mr. Henry Ruschmann of Bernardsville, New Jersey, for enabling us to add sparkle to countless products!

This time of year, I’m pretty sure that glitter covers the globe. Literally. Once you bring a glitter embellished item into your home, it’s over. This stuff is everywhere and you will find that your furniture, your pet, yourself, your kids, etc., will shimmer long after the season is over.

Looking for a way to add a glitter but without the mess? Try adding it to your digital creations in a few easy steps using Photoshop.  Download a free 30 day trial of Photoshop from Adobe if you need it.

Check out my glitter tutorial here.


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